Our Mission: Helping Your Local Community

The mission of the Sharing and Caring Foundation is to raise funds that are re-invested 100% to local needs. Sharing and Caring focuses on providing funds to a network of quality non-profit agencies to strengthen health and human services in the lake area.

All the money contributed to Sharing and Caring goes to help Lake of the Ozarks residents that have special needs. There are a number of reputable non-profit charities around the lake that are trying to do good in our own backyard, but have been limited at times by a shortage of money to provide specific services. Our goal in giving money locally is not to provide all the money a non-profit in Lake of the Ozarks may need to operate, but to be a source of help at their more critical times.

The 12 member board of Sharing and Caring is comprised of local people from a variety of backgrounds and interest who work together to raise money. The Foundation provides an organized mechanism by which funds can both be collected and redistributed locally. The Board identifies critical needs through the grant requests and builds collaboration with other non-profit sectors to meet those needs.  Sharing and Caring, in the spirit of teamwork, strives to share the responsibility of caring for one another in our community.

Striving to be excellent stewards of financial and human resources, Sharing & Caring ensures that all resources are effectively used to achieve optimum impact in the local community.

Our new program "Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod" provides beds for kids in the Lake Area
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